Solving Perl locale issues on my Raspberry Pi

17 July 2016

On my Raspberry Pi 3 I would get locale warnings when using Perl commands. This blog post explains the steps I took to fix these warnings.


Error: package architecture (arm) does not match system (armhf)

11 July 2016

I installed a beta version of a Debian package on my Raspberry Pi 3 and received the following error:

dpkg: error processing archive remote-syslog2_0.18_arm.deb (--install):
package architecture (arm) does not match system (armhf)
Errors were encountered while processing:

The suggested solution was to add the arm architecture as follows:

dpkg --add-architecture arm

and then re-run the install command:

dpkg -i remote-syslog2_0.18_arm.deb

I did so and the package installed and worked as expected. However, this made me wonder:

  • What did the dpkg --add-architecture arm command do?
  • What were the consequences of running that command?

After several hours of reading, experimenting and writing this blog post, I think I know. I’ll start by breaking the command down.


Using Hubot with slack

02 June 2016

I have been playing around with hubot and slack. This post describes the steps I used to setup a hubot that uses the slack adapter.


Get twitter URL length using Tweepy

15 May 2016

The twitter documentation indicates that lengths can be obtained from the help/configuration API. This post gives an example of how to use the Tweepy Python library to obtain those values.


Cron and Python virtualenv

20 April 2016

I created a simple twitter bot that consumes data from a REST API and tweets on certain conditions. The data from the REST API changes infrequently so the bot is set to run every half hour. The bot is written in python and uses a virtualenv so the crontab entry needs to use that virtualenv as well. This post describes what I did to achieve that.


How to create a script package for hubot

07 March 2016

I recently created a script package (hubot-lmgtfy) for hubot. This post describes what I did to create the package.


unmet peer dependency build warning when creating a hubot script package

29 February 2016

I created a script package for hubot and followed the developer guide for publishing a package. I received an unmet peer dependency build warning when I did the install. This post describes what that is.


Running CoffeeScript Mocha tests on Travis CI

21 January 2016

Travis CI will run npm test by default, so you will need to add the following to your package.json file:


Debugging npm - "Error: Cannot find module xxx"

11 January 2016

I recently had an issue where a CoffeeScript unit test I had written started throwing “Error: Cannot find module”. Here are the steps I used to resolve the issue.


formatting code with jekyll 3 and bootstrap

29 November 2015

The release of Jekyll version 3 changed the default syntax highlighter from Pygments to Rouge. In a previous blog entry I described how I formatted code snippets for this blog which uses Jekyll version 2, Pygments and Bootstrap. That code does not work with the new version of Jekyll. This blog post will describe what I did to format code snippets when using Jekyll version 3 and Bootstrap version 3.