Problem Solving Checklist

I was recently working on a problem from a tutorial. The problem was basic: write some code that will build a Google search URL. It had the following requirements:

  • take a string to use for the search term
  • specify the google domain to search
  • use the ‘num’ parameter to limit the number of search results
  • use the ‘as_qdr’ parameter to limit the date range

The reason for implicitly unwrapped optionals

In a previous post, I wrote about implicitly unwrapped optionals. However, I was not happy with the example I created; it felt contrived. The following is the example I used:


Thoughts on receiving my first pull request

Last week I received my first pull request to a project on GitHub. This post is about my thoughts on the experience.


Swift Optionals

In a previous post I kicked off my dive into Swift by covering the basics: syntax, ranges, and tuples. I decided to tackle optionals next. This lead to quite the investigation. But, I now have a better understanding of what optionals are and where to use them. This post is about what I learned.


Pattern matching, the value of smaller blog posts and a new word

Three things I learned this week were: pattern matching to turn noise into meaning, I published my first entry on my swift learning journey and I learned the word ‘liminal.’


My Swift Journey - The Basics

I am currently learning Swift to expand my programming knowledge. I looked at Swift a few years ago, but am now ready to dive into it.


More on the async attribute, Swift progress and naxos music library

This week was tough. I did not get much time to code as my time was consumed by chores and housework. This list is not great, but, it is what it is. So, the three things I learned this week were:


Formatting Jekyll HTML output, third party JavaScript and the async attribute

Three things I learned this week were: styling HTML output with Jekyll, checking third party APIs and the async attribute.


3 things: Swift functions

This week’s post is all about Swift functions.


3 things: Swift, CRISPR, WEIRD

I’m trying something new. I’m going to record three things I learned or found interesting in the past week. I don’t think these will be long or in-depth posts. Just a quick note to myself about where my mindset was for the past week. I’ll see if I can make a habit of it or not.