The Barbell Helper logo of a stylized barbell.
Barbell Helper
watchOS App

Barbell Helper is a stand-alone Apple Watch app. It calculates the weight plates to add to a barbell.

Technologies used: SwiftUI, Swift Package Manager, Fastlane, TestFlight, sysdiagnose, XCTest, Git, and GitHub.

HTML from the Barbell Helper website.
Website is the landing page for the Barbell Helper app.

Technologies used: 11ty, Nunjucks, Bootstrap, Screenframer, AWS - S3, Git, and GitHub.

Drawing of an orange backpack with yellow straps.
Knapsack Algorithm Visualization
ReactJS App

Knapsack Algorithm Visualization steps through the knapsack algorithm. It walks through how the table is built and traversed to find the solution.

Technologies Used: ReactJS, Create React App, TailwindCSS, React Hook Form, Git, and GitHub.

BC Dev Ex Bot written in binary is displayed over an outline of British Columbia.
Twitter Bot

@bcdevexbot tweets any new opportunities added to the BC Digital Marketplace.

Technologies Used: Python, Raspberry Pi 3 (this is where the bot runs), Papertrail, Dead Man's Snitch, Git, and GitHub.

A graph structure.
CS Theory And Problems

My notes and solutions to leetcode and other questions.

Technologies Used: Python

The Hubot logo of a robot head.
Hubot Script
Chat Bot Script

Hubot is a framework to build chat bots. I wrote hubot-credit-card-number-generator to explore Hubot scripting. It generates test credit card numbers that pass the Luhn check

Technologies used: Hubot, Node, Npm, Heroku, Git, and GitHub.