The Barbell Helper logo of a stylized barbell.
Barbell Helper
watchOS App

Barbell Helper is a stand-alone Apple Watch app. It calculates the weight plates to add to a barbell.

Technologies used: SwiftUI, Swift Package Manager, Fastlane, TestFlight, sysdiagnose, XCTest, Git, and GitHub.

HTML from the Barbell Helper website.
Website is the landing page for the Barbell Helper app.

Technologies used: 11ty, Nunjucks, Bootstrap, Screenframer, AWS - S3, Git, and GitHub.

BC Dev Ex Bot written in binary is displayed over an outline of British Columbia.
Twitter Bot

@bcdevexbot tweets any new opportunities added to the BC Digital Marketplace.

Technologies Used: Python, Raspberry Pi 3 (this is where the bot runs), Papertrail, Dead Man's Snitch, Git, and GitHub.

The Hubot logo of a robot head.
Hubot Scripts
Chat Bot Scripts

Hubot is a framework to build chat bots. I wrote two scripts to explore Hubot scripting.

Technologies used: Hubot, Node, Npm, Heroku, Git, and GitHub.