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Barbell Helper

An Apple Watch app that calculates the weight plates to add to a barbell.

I had started strength training and wanted a weight plate calculator for my watch. I also wanted to learn SwiftUI, so this seemed like a good project to undertake.

Technologies Used

image of BarbellHelper.com


The landing page for the Barbell Helper app. It is a static site generated by the 11ty static site generator.

Technologies Used

Outline of the province of BC with binary in the background


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A twitter bot that calls the BC Digital Marketplace APIs every half hour. It tweets any opportunities added since the last time it ran.

Technologies Used

Hubot logo which is a cartoon robot's head

Hubot Scripts

Hubot is a framework to build chat bots. It is extensible through custom scripts. The mozilla web-qa team used Hubot in their IRC chat. One of my tasks was to upgrade one of their scripts. I thought it was fun and wrote two scripts on my own to further explore Hubot scripting.

  • hubot-credit-card-number-generator - This script generates credit card numbers for a variety of card types. The credit card numbers pass the Luhn check, they are not associated with real credit cards.
  • hubot-lmgtfy - This script replies with a link to lmgtfy (let me google that for you).

Technologies Used