More on the async attribute, Swift progress and naxos music library

05 November 2017

This week was tough. I did not get much time to code as my time was consumed by chores and housework. This list is not great, but, it is what it is. So, the three things I learned this week were:

  • After last week’s post I ran Google’s PageSpeed Insights Tool. My site’s performance was poor! Partly due to JavaScript loading. So I need to look at the async keyword again!
  • As part of my learning process I’m writing a blog post about transitioning from Java to Swift. However, it is long as it covers many areas. I should break it up into seperate blog posts. I should also post it to to get feedback. I am working in isolation, so I need to ensure I incorporate feedback on my work. I also need to finish off this overview of the Swift language. It is time to move on to a hobby project.
  • My library recently added access to the naxos music library. I’ve enjoyed listening to classical music while I work!

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